The Body Challenge

After some pretty consistent pressure from a friend who swears by this program offered at a local gym, I caved in and signed up. It was time. I was sick of being tired and unhealthy. Also, my cousin is getting hitched in September and an above-average looking gentleman has agreed to join me for the festivities. Game on!

The program is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, although the woman that won a few years back had an injury and was unable to exercise, but still lost 38 pounds in the 12 weeks. Sign me up!

I have been sticking to the food program since Sunday and it’s not too bad. I enjoy alot of the foods I’m allowed (oh hi! steak, chicken, fish, veggies!), but miss my daily bagel and my delicious IPAs. I have to say I feel better. Haven’t been hungover this week!

Tonight I sucked it up and went to the “bootcamp” portion of the program. Holy crap, it was tough! 45 minutes of stations-kettlebells, weights, pull ups, burpees, wall tosses, squats, etc. I played a sport in college and had some crazy workouts and I’d put this crap on that level. The extra strength Tylenol isn’t even touching the pain in my quads and forearms. Tomorrow will be delightful!

It feels good to be back in a bit of a routine. It will feel even better when I’m the hottest in the family photos bound to happen at the wedding. A bit shallow? Perhaps, but I’m putting in the work.

Just wanted to check in here in the event some other folks who have been “coasting” needed a push!

I thought that looked familiar. I did the same ride as Walter in October of 2010. In a car…not on a skateboard.

I thought that looked familiar. I did the same ride as Walter in October of 2010. In a car…not on a skateboard.

Happy Endings

The show, you pervs.

How the heck did this get cancelled? I laugh out loud constantly and it’s one of the few shows that I genuinely like every character. If you’re looking for a TV binge watch, you could do worse.

Also, I have drafted up a few things I’m doing differently this year and am excited to move from the “planning” to “execution” phase. Game the eff on.


Seljavallalaug near Skógarfoss, Iceland. 
Contributed by Harrison Lane.

My new mission in life is to make this mine.


Seljavallalaug near Skógarfoss, Iceland

Contributed by Harrison Lane.

My new mission in life is to make this mine.

runningfortheriesling said: Where in MT were you? Some places aren’t that expensive to live, but the good place are! :)

I was down in Emigrant tucked on the side of a mountain. Spent an afternoon in Bozeman, Livingston. Had Yellowstone all to myself. Drove around Paradise Valley and fell in love with the scenery and lack of people.  And, I didn’t have a bad beer there (bonus!) - although I had to laugh at Bud Light masquerading as Kokanee. Have a few real estate alerts set up and a goal. I’m from Massachusetts, where even the bad places are expensive!

Final hurrah!

Ok, work craziness has subsided a bit and I just got back from a long weekend in Montana. (Saving my quarters for a move out there. This girl loves the pace.)

Now that I feel like I can settle into a routine, I’m going to. Going to do a Whole 30/Paleo hybrid and get back to the gym at least 3 times a week. Today is Day 12 of no smoking. Gotta keep that streak alive.

Monday is go time. One day at a time. Gettin’ healthier, gettin’ happier.


This is the song I have listened to the most this week. It’s got a nice little vibe for passing a workday.

For a quick life update, I’ll say that my eating habits have started to change a bit, but I haven’t made the full commitment and stocked my fridge with all kinds of goodies because 1) I am a gal on the go for the next few weeks and 2) the budget is a tad tight. (Can someone explain why and how local, fresh, untreated food is a million times more expensive than crap that’s full of chemicals that had to be manufactured and transported? I really don’t get it.)

Exercise has been non existent because I haven’t cleared the “I’m freaking exhausted and my sheets are so comfortable” hurdle yet, but, I have not had a smoke since Tuesday night. The after work smoke is my favorite of all time, so yesterday was tough - but I dominated.


I feel like I live out of my car and a travel bag. This lifestyle wears me out physically, financially and is just not sustainable. Some things I can’t control - like my hell on wheels work schedule the next few weeks. What I can control is being more mindful of the choices I make. I can choose to put myself and my health first. “No” is a complete sentence and I have to get better at saying it. I can’t control the chaos, but with better planning, I can manage it.

One day at a time!

Say what?

I am conducting some interviews at a local college today. One of the candidates mentioned he had an interest in cooking. I asked him what his specialty was.

"Guinea pig ceviche."



North of the Sun

I just watched this fantastic film about doing what you want when you want to do it; not being held captive by a desk, mortgage payments, and all the other “grinds”.

I so wish I was brave enough to pull something like this off.

Cubicle time tomorrow is going to be a major downer.